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Problems with Diesel Particulate Filters on BBC Watchdog

Nearly all new diesel cars are fitted with an eco-friendly car component which is leaving some motorists with huge bills to pay? Chris Hollins investigates. Is your diesel filter out of kilter?

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Jacksons of Jersey Take on PowerMax DPF for their customers

Jacksons are the Channel Islands importers for Aston Martin, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Smart, Bentley, BMW etc

Justin Griffith the Service Director says We did our first flush yesterday where a VW was at 98% and would not regenerate after the treatment it went down to 13% and runs like a dream. Saving the customer nearly £1100! So very impressed.!!


Honda Motor Company in Austria approve DPF PowerClean for use in all their Dealers.

Ms Tracey Spicer says,

I had problems with the warning light that kept coming on telling me there was a DPF problem. A friend of mine who had similar problems and ended up paying nearly £2000!!.

Since I used this product I have had no problems at all. I also strongly recommend the Duxback glass treatment – a god send in the winter.