POWERMAXX DPF POWER CLEAN - High Power Cleaner for Diesel Particle Filters


DIESEL PARTICLE FILTER SUPER CLEAN WILL; Provide permanent and Complete Filter Cleaning whilst Driving Require no disassembly

Reduce ignition temperature of the soot collected in the particle filter


How does PowerMax DPF Power Clean Work,

The Diesel Particle Filter collects the soot from the exhaust system.

The soot builds up in the DPF and has to be removed.

The removal process requires the exhaust temperature to rise to 600 °C

This only happens on long journeys, ‘hard’ driving, or through automatic
regeneration- but this does not always work.

PowerMax DPF Powerclean reduces the ignition temperature of the soot to 350
°C which allows it to turns into CO2 gas at regular exhaust gas
temperatures and leave the DPF perfectly clean.

Diesel Particle Filter Super Clean can be used in all diesel engines and mixed with all diesel fuels.
Benefits; no assembling, no disassembling, no standing times, no problems!
No formation of Secondary Emissions.