DPF Problems - Diesel Particulate Filter Cleaning Made Easy

Problems with the Diesel Particle Filter (DPF) that are fitted to all Diesel cars since 2007 can frequently lead to bills of £1500 and more. These problems are normally not covered by warranty. Protect yourself from DPF Problems NOW with PowerMax DPF Powerclean.


Driving behaviour, particularly short distances, prevents the diesel particle filter from getting hot enough to completely burn the soot particles contained in the filter. Additionally the automatic regeneration - where more diesel fuel is injected into the combustion area to reach a higher combustion temperature - will be reduced by city or stop and start motoring.


Excessive soot particle build up causes the filter to clog.


Failure indication from the OBD-system to the driver (Warning Light). Power Loss, Increase in fuel consumption, leading to the total breakdown of the vehicle.


Power Max DPF Power Clean. Simply pour in tank and drive.